Tower owners come to CCS for replacement parts because quality, price, and quick turnaround are important for uninterrupted cooling tower operation. CCS is your best source for replacement parts for all brands of cooling towers, in both counterflow and crossflow applications.

Responsive and Experienced

In most cases, CCS will provide same-day quotes. CCS managers have decades of hands-on industry experience with cooling towers of all brands and models.

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Extensive Parts Selection 

  • Drives and Fans

  • Gears, Driveshafts, and Motors

  • Marley Gearbox Replacements

  • Torque Tubes (mechanical equipment support)

  • Flow Control Valves

  • Vibration Isolators

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Structural Components

  • Siding

  • Casing and Louvers

  • Fan Stacks and Fan Screens

  • Water Distribution Parts

  • Nozzles, Orifices, and Adapters

  • Header and Laterals (branches)

  • Crossflow Fill

  • Counterflow Fill

  • Splash Fill, PVC Fill, and Tile Fill

  • Splash Boxes

  • Drift Eliminators (counterflow and crossflow)

  • Hot Water Basins

  • Hot Water Basin Covers

  • Controls

  • Basin Heaters

  • Valves

  • Vibration Cutout Switches

  • Damper Controls

  • Water Level Probes

  • Low Water Cutout Switches

  • Makeup Valves

Marley Gearbox Replacements

CCS is the industry's best source for Marley gearbox replacements. CCS provides highly competitive pricing with quick delivery.

Contact CCS' Parts Manager for information and quotes.