Crossflow Titan

The Titan Crossflow cooling tower – for large industrial, process and power generation projects. Fast, safe construction. Easier maintenance. Mission-critical performance.

With capacities of 3,000 tons per cell and greater, the CCS Titan delivers energy-efficient crossflow performance for the largest projects, and in the smallest footprint. Our standard FRP open structure is more than robust enough to provide strength and durability even on this scale, and life span and service benefits that will continue years beyond other towers.

CCS Open FRP Structure Advantages

The Titan shares many of the same highly-engineered structural components as our Phoenix tower. Our standard structure is larger and stronger than our competitors, and the total structure can be designed for specific seismic and wind conditions per the International Building Code or ASCE-7. FRP components use our heavier finish coating, delivering a longer service life with greater UV protection and chemical resistance across a wider pH range. Our 6x6-inch "power columns", allowing spans up to 14 feet for easier service and faster construction, offer superior rigidity in these large installations. Our patented stainless steel connectors are stable without spacers or re-torqueing, and all columns are anchored to the basin.

The CCS Titan is engineered for a minimum structural life of 50 years.

CCS Open Tower Structure25-35% Faster Installation than other tower designs

The illustration highlights other advantages of our exclusive open structure. 75-85% fewer but stronger components and connections with standardized hardware yield a faster construction cycle with improved safety, as workers can use scissor lifts instead of ladders, need fewer tools, and can tie off anywhere in the structure. Our lean assembly processes include pre-packaged and marked components to improve jobsite organization and reduce overall time on site.

Watch our Tennessee Valley Authority installation video that illustrates how quickly the Titan can be constructed. CCS was recognized by the MSCRC for professionalism and management of the jobsite, stating "CCS has gone above and beyond (to manage safety and onsite operations)".

Energy-Efficient Performance

CCS' design provides more flexibility in performance. A patented optional feature of CCS crossflow towers is our unique sparger distribution system. Rather than introducing hot water to the basin from one central point, we utilize a specially-designed piping network to introduce hot water uniformly across the basin, resulting in an equalized distribution over the entire fill. This maximizes the heat exchange potential, providing better performance especially when flow conditions are reduced.

Our splash fill feature allows optimum thermal transfer in the smallest footprint, given the typical applications' water quality. We also adjust the type and placement of fill. As a result, Titan design performance can be tuned for energy efficiency, especially in situations when widely varying flows are expected.

Best Performance and Lifecycle Cost

TVA Browns Ferry FanDrive

For any project there are multiple tower designs that can meet physical size and performance requirements. Determining which is most efficient or presents the best lifecycle cost can be a challenge. Our technical services group engineer the Titan for larger process and power generation applications, and help select the exact tower configuration that is optimal for your project.

CCS will produce a full document package on the Titan tower design, including a CTI data sheet; engineering specifications; tower and basin drawings; and performance curves and sound data.