When service requirements on your tower go beyond the simple replacement of off-the-shelf components, contact CCS. In partnership with our CCS representatives, we deliver services from equipment and thermal upgrades to partial or full cooling tower reconstruction, including improvements that can restore and improve thermal performance and efficiency, reduce drift, reduce sound levels, improve safety or wind resistance and improve structural stability.

CCS is the industry expert on FRP towers, with more FRP experience than any other manufacturer. This is a prime consideration if your project is a wood-to-FRP conversion, or the repair of an existing FRP tower structure. We will engineer the conversion, including upgrades to structural and mechanical components for performance enhancements, provide the full bill of materials, and manage the repair or reconstruction process from start to finished installation and commissioning. CCS can provide these upgrade and reconstruction services for nearly any brand and type of tower.

Service for Ceramic Cooling Towers

If you are planning to upgrade or reconstruct your UniLite or PermaLite cooling tower from Ceramic Cooling Towers (CCT), contact CCS. We know the CCT product better than anyone- a number of our engineering and application staff were formerly with CCT, involved in the original design and construction of the breakthrough UniLite and PermaLite towers. This specific product knowledge combined with our expertise in the FRP category (and the upgrades we have made to the technology since the CCT days) makes CCS the logical choice for your CCT upgrade or reconstruction project. To read more, download our CCT Thermal Upgrade Flyer.

Service for Concrete Cooling Towers

CCS has always built and serviced concrete cooling towers. If you need equipment upgrades or reconstruction on your concrete tower, consider CCS.

Cooling Tower Reconstruction

CCS' cooling tower reconstruction will maximize the thermal performance and reliability of your existing tower. From structural replacement to thermal upgrades and improved mechanical systems, CCS reconstruction will improve efficiency and extend the life of your tower.

Structural Replacement

CCS can replace structural components such as louvers, decking, casing, and support members with our superior pultruded fiberglass designs. When we can use them, our “power columns” are up to 200% stronger than other FRP structural columns, and many of our FRP components utilize a finish coating that provides superior resistance to extreme temperatures and sunlight.

We can also replace fan stacks, handrails, drift eliminators, upgrade wind walls with our superior CCS V-Beam, and replace inferior glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) firewalls with our patented 30-minute CCS-exclusive composite fiberglass firewalls for improved safety. 

Cooling Tower Fan ImageMechanical Systems

There have been numerous advances in motor and control technology in the last 10-15 years that could result in reasonable air package performance enhancements for your older tower. Improving performance often entails replacing and upgrading mechanical components, such as the motor, driveshaft, gear box, and fan assembly. Ask us about upgrading your system to a variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled motor for even greater reduction in energy use and longer motor life.

Thermal Systems

CCS engineers can improve your cooling tower's thermal performance through evaluation and upgrade of distribution and fill components, and air movement packages. CCS has developed many advancements in distribution technology that could be applied to your older tower providing a more even flow of water over the fill, potentially improving energy efficiency and providing a more consistent thermal performance across the tower. We will develop the replacement design and either provide all materials and direction for your contractors, or arrange for local installation sourcing and service.

Jobsite Safety

Jobsite safety is of paramount importance to CCS. Our safety and health program includes extensive training and compliance standards for all crew personnel.

5 Years "No Lost Time Accident"

CCS prides itself in passing five years with "No Lost Time Accident" (NLTA). This milestone was reached through careful planning and monitoring of safety procedures.