Toby Daley, P.E.

Toby Daley began his engineering career with Ceramic Cooling Tower Company in 1974. He pioneered the engineering, development, and execution of safety-related ultimate heat sink cooling towers for nuclear power plants domestically and globally. He was responsible for engineering and development of large cast-in-place and precast concrete cooling towers for power plants. Mr. Daley was integral to the structural development, analysis methodology, and automation of the Unilite and PCS pultruded fiberglass cooling towers. He has acquired several FRP structural and water distribution design patents. He held several titles, including Vice President of Engineering, Vice President of Research and Development, and subsequently Chief Operating Officer of CCT. Additional specialties include FRP structural design and finite element analysis, tornado missile protected design, cooling tower hydraulic and thermal design modeling, rating systems and software, computational fluid dynamics modeling, forensic investigations, and sound modeling. Mr. Daley served on the University of Texas at Arlington Civil Engineering Department Advisory Committee from 1992 to 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


James Bland

James (Jamie) Bland has over two decades of cooling tower industry experience with design and project engineering. He assumed the role of Engineering Manager for Ceramic Cooling Tower Company overseeing structural analysis for all cooling tower projects. His special knowledge of structural design of composite structural cooling towers led him to acquire two patents on FRP structure design. Mr. Bland is an innovator and leader in the industry for automated computer design of cooling structures. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


Lindsay Ryan

Lindsay Ryan is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with degrees in management and finance. Ms. Ryan has over ten years’ experience in the construction industry.


Darin Baugher, P.E.

Darin Baugher, P.E. is a seasoned veteran of the field-erected cooling tower industry with nearly three decades of industry experience in a variety of design, sales and executive roles. He began his career at Marley Cooling Tower as a civil/structural engineer specializing in concrete cooling towers and subsequently served in sales and product management roles following Marley’s acquisition by SPX. Mr. Baugher worked for Burns & McDonnell before returning to the cooling tower industry at EvapTech as Regional Sales Manager and later Vice President of Sales. He most recently served as President and CEO of ENEXIO US (formerly GEA Power Cooling) in Clearwater, Florida. Darin Baugher holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Kansas State University and is a licensed engineer in the State of Kansas.


Cody Tatem

Cody Tatem has served the cooling tower and construction building material supply industries for over 25 years. At CCS, Mr. Tatem oversees the areas of information technology and business processes. He also serves as the Management Representative for the CCS Quality Management System—a role central to maintaining the company’s coveted ISO 9001 certification. Cody Tatem holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


Steve Hill

Steve Hill's career in the cooling tower industry spans over four decades. Beginning in 1978, Steve Hill worked for Ceramic Cooling Tower Company (CCT), serving as Superintendent and specializing in CCT's ultimate heat sink nuclear safety-related cooling tower projects. Over the years at CCT, Mr. Hill held several positions within CCT. He served as Plant Manager and was instrumental to CCT's product development, manufacturing and assembly initiatives. Steve Hill joined CCS in 2007 as a Project Manager and has been a key contributor to our company's success.