Crossflow Pegasus® Legacy

The CCS Pegasus Legacy fiberglass crossflow cooling tower is a direct BAC cooling tower replacement for Series 4001, 4006 and 4008 towers, or a Marley cooling tower replacement for Series 15, 18 and Sigma towers. The Legacy is an FRP upgrade to these aging wood cooling towers that are reaching the end of their service lives.

The Legacy is a dimensionally identical replacement for the old wood Baltimore Aircoil and Marley Tower designs, and also an ideal tower for new projects or cell extensions.

Direct Replacement Solution

Pegasus Legacy
  BAC or Marley
Tower Equivalent
Series L4000
Series L4001   BAC Series 4001
Series L4006   BAC Series 4006
Series L4008   BAC Series 4008
Series L1000
Series L1500   Marley Series 15
Series L1800   Marley Series 18
Series L1200   Marley Sigma 120

The Pegasus Legacy cooling tower is designed to be a direct replacement solution for BAC Series 4000 cooling towers and Marley Series 15, 18, and Sigma towers. While these wood cooling towers provided decades of reliable service, they are now reaching the end of their service lives, necessitating replacement.

The Legacy uses the same cell sizes, anchor points and plumbing connections as the old BAC and Marley cooling towers. In fact, it is a dimensionally identical replacement, but designed and constructed with a durable pultruded fiberglass structure. This design continuity eliminates costly and time-consuming modifications during installation.

Upgrade to a Premium Pultruded Fiberglass Tower

The Pegasus Legacy is constructed from premium quality fiberglass. Owners and operators accustomed to wooden-structure cooling towers from decades past can upgrade to this modern high-performance fiberglass version. Upgrading to fiberglass means avoiding the environmental issues that come with wood preservatives that include arsenic and other toxic chemicals. Better yet, fiberglass is impervious to water intrusion that leads to the eventual rot and decay of wood cooling towers and is resistant to chemical attack.

Cell Extensions or New Applications

Pegasus LegacyThe Pegasus Legacy is ideal for cell extensions or expansion projects, as well as new cooling tower applications. The Legacy uses the latest available heat transfer and drift eliminator technologies, and the same high quality FRP materials CCS has been known for since its founding in 2004.

Owner and Operator Familiarity

Because the Legacy was conceived as a successor tower to its Baltimore Aircoil and Marley cooling tower predecessors, owners and operators will find operations with the Legacy to be familiar and routine. They have the same valve and access locations, and the same electrical and piping interfaces. Indeed, for these BAC and Marley cooling tower models, the Legacy is the simplest and most cost-effective cooling tower replacement solution available.

Thermal Performance You Can Trust

CTI STD202aCCS is a signatory CTI STD-202 which is the industry's thermal performance standard. CCS excellence with thermal design makes the Legacy perfect for your new construction or replacement cooling tower project.