IDEA 2019's Spotlight on CCS

Two high-profile CCS Phoenix cooling towers were part of IDEA 2019's technical tours in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conference concluded with visits to energy plants at Duquesne University and nearby Clearway Energy. Both facilities are served by CCS field-erected fiberglass Phoenix cooling towers.

The photo above shows the Clearway Energy CCS Phoenix tower in the foreground, with the Duequesne CCS tower appearing to the right in the background, some 300 yards away to the southwest.

Clearway Energy's three-cell Phoenix tower has a distincitive appearance, with its upper-most fiberglass components pultruded and laid-up in a custom green hue that matches that of the plant building below. Duquene's Phoenix four-cell Phoenix tower was pultruded in beige to blend with the adjacent parking garage. "Most students and visitors think it is a wonderful water feature/waterfall due to its pleasing water sounds and low fan noise." (District Energy, Spring /Summer 2019, vol. 105, no. 2, p. 7)